Concert costumes


Every pupil performs in at least one routine per class in the end of year concert, I import all costumes for these routines at a cost of between $80 - $100 per costume, they come complete with sequins no need for mothers to spend hours sewing on sequins or dealing with dress makers.


You pay a small portion of the cost - $25 per costume & I pay the rest, you keep these beautiful costumes - all costume fees need to be paid by 24th Sept.


There is also a costume bond which is a $50 fee per family payable  in 15th Oct as your commitment to dance in the concert. 

If you leave or do not dance dance in concert for any reason you will forfeit this fee, after you dance in concert the fee will then go to pay for your DVD of the concert. 


Every pupil will need to purchase their own sun Tan stirrup tights (Footed tights for pupils not doing lyrical routines) to perform in & a studio cape or dressing gown to cover outfits while walking around at concert.