Class Times & Fees

Pupils are placed into classes in the following age brackets, age is taken from the age you are on 31st June,

                       click on the age bracket below you are interested in for class times & fees.


   3 - 7 Year Old's | 8 - 11 Year Old's | 12years & over | Competition Work







 3 - 7 Year Old's...Primary Grade


3.45-4.15...Primary Tap & Jazz Class

4.30-5.00...Primary Ballet Class


Tap & Jazz Class $12 - Ballet Class $10 Paid weekly or by the month (your Choice).














 8 - 11 Year Old's...Junior Grade


3.50-4.30...Junior Ballet/Lyrical Class

5.20-6.00...Junior Tap Class

6.05-6.45...Junior Jazz Hip/Hop Class  


First Class $13 - Second Class $12 - Third Class $11 Paid weekly or by the month (Your Choice).















12years & over...Senior Grade


4.15-5.00...Senior Tap Class

5.20-6.05...Senior Ballet/Lyrical Class

6.45-7.30...Senior Jazz Hip Hop Class


First Class $15 - Second Class $14 - Third Class $13 Paid weekly or by the month (your choice).















Competition Work

Pupils who are ready will be offered the opportunity to do competition work,  Students wishing to do competition work pay an extra weekly fee of $2 Per Routine + Competition Registration fee of $35-$55  which covers rehearsal classes (on the same afternoon), duo/trio & troupe entry fees & Competition's pupil registration fees.

Every pupils who does competition work will need a Studio Jacket to wear  to competitions.

Click on the following links to download forms as a PDF file for information on up & coming events
Rainbow Dance Competition lTime to Shine Dance Competitionl Concert/Dress Rehearsal