Welcome to Yonteens


Yonteens offer children's dance classes at the North Richmond Community Centre , studio established 1977.

Principal Jody Bodell is fully qualified in R.A.D. Classical Ballet & F.A.T.D. Tap & believes praise not criticism builds a confident performer.

Former pupils of Yonteens have made careers in the field of dance, working in Theatrical shows over seas, aboard cruise ships & Theatre restaurants.


At Yonteens students are offered show troupe & competition work when ready but are not forced to do endless hours of rehearsal or taking up every weekend with competitions at the expense of family life, when competing our studio is supportive to each other with many parents forming social bonds & friendships that last a lifetime.


Yonteens pupils perform in beautiful age appropriate costumes supplied by studio for just $25 each costume you keep, younger pupils do not wear reveling costumes or do steps that are not appropriate for their age.


Styles Offered

Jazz Hip Hop Classes, Tap Classes, Ballet /Lyrical Classes, (which includes Modern expressive & Contemporary)and ShowTroupe, Dance Lessons available for pupils aged from 3yrs and are trained from Beginners to Advanced at North Richmond Community Centre 33 William St North Richmond.




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